There are still a lot to be defined in the program. 
Here is an outline of what we know so far.
This page will be updated regularly.

Monday July 30th

Pre Conference Workshops

  • We know the GR101 will be available again.
  • But the rest are to be defines.
  • If you feel like proposing a Pre Conference workshop, a link to the proposal form will be available soon.

Tuesday July 31st 

Conference Day 1

  • Coming together and getting to know eachother
  • Welcome session
  • Lunch
  • Plenary session
  • Breakout sessions (tracks)
  • Wrap up Day 1

Wednesday August 1st

Conference day 2

  • Keynote
  • Learning space
  • Wrap up day 2
  • Evening: SPARKLE PARTY

Thursday August 2nd

Conference Day 3

  • Breakout sessions (tracks)
  • Raffle prizes
  • Closing Keynote
  • Goodbye - see you next year in ?

Friday August 3rd

Post conference day

A day to just hang out ...
Maybe you feel like continuing a talk you started with someone, during the conference.
Maybe you feel like doing some you in the park.
Maybe you feel like going to the beach.
Mayme you feel like talking a long walk.
Maybe you feel like visiting a museum.
Maybe you feel like ... ?

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