Poland Powwow
August 6-7 2017

We will expand this guidebook systematically. Now it has the necessary information about flights to Warsaw. Next will be info about the hotels.

Please have in mind that, that prices might change. The prices in EUR are approximate.

Currency in Poland

The official currency in Poland is Polish Zloty. The currency sign is zł and code is PLN. 1 złoty is subdivided to 100 groszy.

Average exchange rates are 1 EUR = 4.2 PLN or 1 GBP = 5,8 PLN. So you can easily approximate price dividing it by 4 in a case of EUR or 6 or in a case of GBP. 😉

We don’t recommend to exchange money on airport currency exchange because of bad exchange rates. Just exchange money in currency exchange in the city center. They have fair rates.

Poland has the most developed electronic payment systems in Europe so you can easily pay by card almost everywhere ( also for taxi transfer or public transport ticket ).

Getting to Warsaw

By Plane

There are two major airports in Warsaw area.

Warsaw Chopin (WAW) – all airlines, beside Ryanair international flights

This is the main airport located 8 km from Warsaw city center. Transfer to the city center takes 15-30 minutes depending on traffic.

Most convenient way to transfer from/to the airport is taking a Uber (30 PLN / 7 EUR) or a Taxi (40 PLN / 10 EUR).

If you’re staying in city center public transport (bus or train) is also a good choice. One way ticket costs only 4.4 PLN / 1 EUR


You can check exact schedules on Google Maps app on your Mobile.

Warsaw Modlin (WMI) – only Ryanair international flights operates from here

This airport is a small airport located 40km from Warsaw city center used only by Ryanair. Transfer to Modlin takes on average 45 minutes.

The best way of getting from/to Modlin airport is taking a shuttle ( www.modlinbus.com ). Ticket costs 30 PLN (~7 EUR).

If you are traveling in a party of 2-4 people you might take a Taxi ( 150 zł / 35 EUR) or Uber ( 90 PLN / 21 EUR).

*Choosing flights, take into account that Ryanair (operating from Warsaw Modlin) and WizzAir (operating from more convenient Warsaw Chopin) usually have similar prices of tickets if you add to them a cost of transfer.

Because of the differences in prices and timetables sometimes it’s good to flight to one airport and come back from another one.

If you need help with looking for a good flight, please let me know at michael@explainvisually.co *

By Train

All trains stop on Warszawa Centralna station with is exactly at city center. 🙂

For questions contact us on contact@euviz.com

  • Klaudia Tolman