Brussels Powwow
April 30 -May 1, 2017
with Brandy Agerbeck

The second co-creation meetup!

On the agenda:
– Connecting with peers
– Visualizing together
– Defining the future of a EuViz community together
– Half day inspirational session with Brandy Agerbeck !!

Workshops, material, and lunch are included in the ticket price.
Accomodation is not!

We’ll foresee a shuttle from the meiniger hotel in Brussels. Further details will follow.

Brussels euviz team: Mara & Chris and the whole visuality-team. Contact them on: +32 2 233 81 40.

For all other questions contact us on

  • Mara Caellart
    Founder Viusality

  • Christopher Malapitan
    Visual Practitioner

  • Speaker: Brandy Agerbeck